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The Greatest Health Discovery - by Keith Mac Farlane
Heal South Africa - A project dedicated to uniting & empowering the people of South Africa, with the goal of peace, happiness and health for all. Heal South Africa - A project dedicated to uniting & empowering the people of South Africa, with the goal of peace, happiness and health for all.

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The Greatest Health Discovery by Keith MacFarlane

The Doctor of the future will give no medicine. Instead he will interest or teach his patient in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. - Thomas Edison

For many people health is a confusing issue. There are so many differing opinions, diets and modalities; that after a while the very thought of it all is enough to leave you feeling less than well.

For most, the human body is a marvel of creation, and yet far too complex for the average person to understand. Indeed, our own body remains possibly the greatest mystery yet to be solved. We have systems, organs, processes, parts and countless ‘other’ attributes and qualities that give rise to science after science and yet we do not seem to understand or know how or why it all works.

We usually carry on regardless until a ‘wheel’ falls off and then seek out the services of a ‘professional’. Unfortunately even the ‘professional’ is unable to guarantee us the return to full health that we prize. As we age, we find it harder and harder to achieve our long lost youthful vigor and vitality.

We are told that we can survive for 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water and only 3 minutes without oxygen; and yet we don’t know why we die in 3 minutes without oxygen.

Through the work of Dr. C. Samuel West, scientific as well as medical research has come to light that now reveals the very reason why we need oxygen. His formula, based upon 7 major scientific discoveries, quite literally reveals the very life and death process. Through this understanding, every disease known to man is explained and speed healing techniques have been formulated to restore the body to its natural state of health.

To understand the formula we need to come right back down to basics.

How does the Human Body Work?
Our body, with all of its many parts and puzzles is made up of cells. We all began as a single cell; and according to some sources have 100 trillion cells in a fully developed adult body. It is here that the revelation of life and death is to be found.

The first major health discovery that was revealed in 1962, is that all life processes are electrical. This means that the bodily processes generate electricity. The human body is now accepted as being more electrical than mechanical. The eyes see because of electricity; the brain thinks due to electricity; muscles work because of electricity; the pancreas produces insulin through electricity and so the story continues.

If this is so, then the obvious question that arises is where does the electricity come from? What part of the human body is capable of generating the electricity?

The second major scientific discovery reveals the following. The delicate balance of minerals inside and outside of every cell, accounts for its electrical properties. Every single cell in the human body has a sodium-potassium pump. This little pump is responsible for maintaining the balance of minerals inside and outside of the cell. For health to occur, the ratio must be very specific. There must be a higher concentration of potassium inside of the cell and a lower concentration of sodium. The reverse occurs outside of the cell. There must be a higher concentration of sodium outside of the cell and a lower concentration of potassium. Now basic chemistry will tell us that where there is a higher concentration of a particular mineral, it will naturally tend to flow across a permeable membrane to the area of lower concentration.

This simply means that the potassium naturally moves out of the cell, through the cell wall and the sodium naturally moves into the cell. However if equilibrium were to occur, the cell would cease functioning. So this is where the little sodium-potassium pump comes in. It pulls the potassium back into the cell and pushes the sodium out.

This is a never-ending process; because as soon as the potassium levels are higher on the inside and the sodium levels higher on the outside, they naturally begin to move across the cell wall again. It is this constant backwards and forwards movement; almost like miniature pistons that generates electricity.

How does this pump get its energy to work?
Every cell in the body must have two vital ingredients for the pumps to work - oxygen and glucose. In the cell, oxygen converts glucose into adenosine triphosphate known as ATP. ATP is the energy which drives the sodium-potassium pumps. This means that as long as every cell gets its groceries - oxygen and glucose, it will be able to maintain the delicate mineral balance within and without the cells and they will be able to generate electricity. This very same electricity gives the part of the body its necessary power to function.

It is from this simple reasoning that Dr C. Samuel West derived the formula for life. After 17 years of research he proposed a 31 step formula, which has been reduced to a simple 4 word equation.
Oxygen = Pumps = Electricity = Power

What this literally means is: as long as you have oxygen in the cells, the pumps in the cells will work; they will generate electricity and that electrical energy will give the part of the body, or the system involved, the power to function at an optimum level.

The Greatest Health Discovery
In 1961, Prof Arthur C. Guyton of the Mississippi School of Medicine offered an understanding which explains how the cells get oxygen. This has become known as the Greatest Health discovery ever made. What Guyton discovered explains how the body can remain free from pain and disease for life.

Now this sounds like an enormous statement to make.

However bear in mind that this is pure, proven science.

Prof Arthur C. Guyton suggested that in order for the cells to receive oxygen, they must be in a ‘DRY STATE’. In this ‘dry state’, he suggested that it would be impossible for the body to experience any discomfort, loss of energy or illness.

At a cellular level, the cell structure is paralleled by blood capillaries and lymphatic capillaries. For the ‘dry state’ to occur, there must be only enough fluid to fill the crevices between the cells and that is all. Diagrammatically, it looks like this:
Dry State - Health

If the ‘dry state’ is altered in any way, the first symptom would be a loss of energy. The generators will switch off. The most important question now follows.

What alters the ‘dry state’?
To understand this question, is to answer the riddle posed by mankind since the dawn of time. What causes loss of energy, disease and death?
There is only one thing that can alter the ‘dry state’.

Within in the blood there are three kinds of blood protein. Blood protein is responsible for holding water in the blood. Bear in mind that 91% of the blood is water. Now blood protein molecules are large in relation to the other particulate matter in the blood. As the blood courses through our blood ways carrying the ‘groceries’; the fluid that leaves the blood becomes lymph. Lymph bathes the cellular structures and fills our lymph vessels.

A simple analogy of the Lymphatic system is that of a tree. The branches go up to the head and the roots go down to the feet. Running through the centre of the body, we have the trunk. Most people have no understanding about the lymphatic system; and those that do, know it to be part of the body’s defense system. It removes and neutralizes the ‘bad’ guys.

However it has an even more important function that is crucial to our health and survival.

Blood Proteins
In 1930, Dr Cecil K. Drinker of the Harvard Medical School proposed an understanding that still to this day is neither accepted nor taught in the mainstream. He suggested that “the blood capillaries practically universally leak protein”.

In 1948, Dr H.S. Mayerson (the father of Lymphology) of the Tulane University School of Medicine, tagged radioactive iodine to the blood protein and discovered that in a 24 hour period, 50% of the blood protein leaves the blood stream.

What Prof Guyton discovered, shakes the medical world to its very foundation; and yet for some reason his discoveries are still to this day not taught in medical schools!

It is upon this discovery that the Art of Lymphology is based.

Quoting directly from the 5th edition of Dr Guyton’s “Textbook of Medical Physiology” on page 397, we find:

The lymphatic system represents an accessory route by which fluids can flow from the interstitial spaces back into the blood. And, most important of all, the lymphatics can carry proteins and large particulate matter away from the tissue spaces, neither of which can be removed by absorption directly into the blood capillary.

The next statement is of utmost importance:

We shall see that this removal of (blood) proteins from the interstitial spaces (by our lymphatic system) IS AN ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL FUNCTION, WITHOUT WHICH WE WOULD DIE WITHIN ABOUT TWENTY-FOUR HOURS.

In the words of J.D. Ratcliff; “But for the prompt retrieval of the protein by the lymphatic system, this constant loss would spell SWIFT CATASTROPHE”.

The obvious question MUST be; does the lymphatic system retrieve ALL of the lost blood protein, and if not; what happens?

This is where the work of Dr. C. Samuel West reaches Nobel Prize proportions.

Blood proteins hold water in the blood vessels. It would therefore make sense that if they were to remain in the interstitial spaces, they would also hold water. This would alter Guyton’s much needed ‘Dry State’ to a ‘Wet State’.

If the ‘Dry State’ is the condition needed by the cells to receive, oxygen and maintain a healthful body, then the ‘Wet State’ must naturally produce the opposite conditions. A lack of oxygen at a cellular level, which would disrupt the production of ATP, switch off the pumps and cause an imbalance in the delicate mineral balance.

Trapped blood proteins will attract excess sodium and will pull water out of the blood stream to produce excess fluids and excess sodium around the cells which are the conditions that will cause a lack of oxygen and will upset the delicate sodium-potassium balance in and around the cells which will cause loss of energy, disease or death at a cell level.

Diagrammatically, it looks like this:
Wet State - Disease

Scientifically, it is understood that pain is a sign of lack of oxygen!

The Cause of ALL disease
It is here that it starts to get really interesting. Following the work a numerous specialist medical researchers, we know that a lack of oxygen will cause cancer; viral and bacterial infections and disease and all forms of pain in the human body. In other words, ALL disease!

Nobel Prize winner Dr Otto Warburg, of the Max Planck Institute in Germany, has withdrawn oxygen from healthy cells and found that they turn cancerous every single time.

Dr Robert C. Olney considered blocked oxidation and toxic substances in the body to be the prime cause of malignant, viral, bacterial and allergic disease.

Multiple Nobel Prize nominee, Johanna Budwig has shown that a lack of oxygen at a cellular level results in all kinds of chronic diseases, especially heart ailments, gall disorders, diabetes, arthritis, and malignancies.

It is also known that without oxygen, glucose will ferment. Cancer cells live on the fermentation of glucose due to the lack of oxygen. Parasites, bacteria and viruses thrive in an anaerobic state and live off fermenting glucose.

Dr Hulda Clark, who wrote The Cure for All Disease; suggests that parasites are the cause of ALL illness,.

If we return to our original understanding that the life processes are electrical; then once we reduce the electrical capacity of the body, we will see signs of degeneration, disease and death.

So to recap. Every cell in the human body is an ‘electrical generator’. These generators need oxygen and glucose to produce the energy needed to drive the sodium-potassium pumps. This will maintain the healthful state, known as the ‘Dry State’.

The only thing that has the potential to alter this ‘Dry State’, is trapped blood protein.

The One Basic Formula
On the 24th June 1980, Dr West wrote the One Basic Formula for healthy cells and for life.
No TPP = No EX FL or EX Na+ = EE = Perfect Healthy Cells
(No trapped plasma proteins, no excess fluid or excess sodium,
no loss of energy and no diseases.)

As long as you have oxygen in the cells, the pumps in the cells will work; they will generate electricity and that electrical energy will give the part of the body the power to function at an optimum level.

The one basic formula for death is:
TPP = EX FL and EX Na+ = an altered Electric Energy = Damaged Cells
(Trapped plasma proteins give rise to excess fluid and excess sodium
which causes a loss of energy and every disease known to man.)

If the cells do not have oxygen, the pumps in the cells will not work; they will not generate electricity and that part of the body will not have the power to function at an optimum level.

The Art of Lymphasizing
So far, we understand that it is natural for 50% of the blood protein to leave the blood vessels. Our next question must be; are there any other conditions that will cause blood protein to leave the blood vessels and cause them to become trapped in the interstitial spaces?

The Art of Lymphasizing is a new science that reveals the mental, nutritional and physical laws of health which must be obeyed, in order to keep the blood proteins circulating via the lymphatic system.

It is understood that shock will dilate the tiny pores of the blood capillaries allowing the blood proteins and the water to leave the blood stream so fast that it causes the circulatory system to collapse. Most doctors agree that stress is responsible for about 70% of all illness. Stress causes a “shock-like effect” in the body. Therefore the results are the same, only taking a little longer.

Any mental or emotional anguish like anger, resentment, condemnation, criticism, finding fault, casting blame and holding grudges is stressful to our body. It follows that in order to stay healthy, we need to address these fear based responses and choose more peaceful, loving responses. If for no other reason, than to do otherwise would be pure suicide!

If peace equals health, and health equals peace; then perhaps in the words of a famous song; “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”. By making a choice for health we are in effect making a choice for peace.

Any food that damages cells will trap blood protein. Damaged cells produce the poisons bradykinin and histamine. Poisons dilate the blood capillaries and cause trapped blood protein.

The two symptoms that tell us that we are eating a poison and trapping blood protein are thirst and loss of energy.

When the water percentage in the blood stream drops, the body begins to experience dehydration. This is because the water is being held in the interstitial spaces by the blood protein and is not returning to the blood stream via the lymphatic system. The loss of energy is a sign of the generators ‘switching’ off.

Foods that cause loss of energy and make you thirsty are salt, simple sugars (candy, cakes, ice cream etc), fats, the high cholesterol foods (animal and dairy products) and too much meat.

Excess, refined salt throws the delicate mineral balance in the interstitial spaces; simple sugars are released into the blood stream too quickly and have a shock like effect on the body; high cholesterol foods release the poison cholesterol epoxide, which dilates the blood capillaries and too much meat will release poisonous by-products from the breakdown process, which will also dilate the blood capillaries.

Finally, physical inactivity and shallow breathing are a surefire way to trap blood protein. It is now understood that physical activity alone will not move the lymphatics as previously thought. This was demonstrated by Dr. Shields of California in his film ‘The Central Propulsion of Human Thoracic Duct Lymph’, through a new science called lymphography. By inserting a small camera in the neck, where the main lymphatic duct, the Thoracic Duct, returns the lymph to the blood stream; it was noted that without deep breathing, there was no movement of the lymph. The moment the chest was expanded at full inhalation, the lymph ‘shot like a geyser’!

When an old Native American Indian felt it was time to die, he would go out and find himself a tree, sit down, not move and breathe very shallowly. In 24 hours he would be dead, proving that inactivity and shallow breathing will kill you.

Now when you consider our Western lifestyles; most of the time we are either sitting in a vehicle, at a desk, in front of a television or computer screen, or lying down. We are also so focused upon what we are doing, that we literally forget to breathe.

In much the same way that stress is a mild form of shock, our lifestyles are a more scenic version of the Indian’s suicide.

Food for thought!
Having now demonstrated that trapped blood protein causes loss of energy, disease and death; the puzzle gets more intriguing with the sixth scientific discovery.

Another riddle explained
There are many people, who follow a healthful diet and lifestyle and yet still get disease. There are those who once diagnosed, do everything ‘right’ according to the natural health laws. The follow a raw diet, do some cleansing, practice yoga and spend time in the mountains finding themselves. And yet, still do not find the ‘elixir of life’.

Perhaps Professor Dr Friedrich M. Plog of Germany has the answer. When trapped blood proteins reduce the energy field produced by the cells, they stick together or cluster which makes them very difficult to be removed by the lymphatic system.

This means that even though we are practicing a healthful lifestyle; as long as there are clustered, trapped blood proteins in our bodies; they will continue to reduce our energy field. It will be as though we are continually maintaining a reasonable level of health, but never rising to the heights or super health or the ‘Dry State’.

However there is hope. Prof Plog also discovered that electricity will dissipate clustered blood protein; making it easier for the lymphatic system to remove the build up and restore the ‘Dry State’.

This is a remarkable discovery, as it explains why every healing technique (that works) works.

The formula for speed healing
For speed healing to occur, we must be able to get oxygen to the cells in order to switch them on again. If they are not damaged or decomposing, then they are simply ‘switched off’. By activating the lymphatic system, it will remove the trapped blood protein, excess fluid and sodium and restore the ‘Dry State’. The cells will then be able to generate electricity, giving the appropriate part of the body the power to function normally. Whether that be the eyes to see, the brain to think or the immune system the power to neutralize all foreign bodies.

Electricity will move the lymphatics. This means that when the body is functioning healthily and we are following the physical, nutritional and mental laws of health; the cells will provide the electricity to move the lymph.

From Dr West’s formula: Oxygen = pumps = electricity = power, we can deduce that if the pumps don’t work, we either have to get oxygen to the cells (in order to activate the pumps) or get electricity to the area in order to break down the clustered protein, move the lymph and remove the build up of fermenting glucose, excess fluid and excess sodium.

Oxygen therapies include deep breathing, ozone therapy and the use of food grade hydrogen peroxide. Energy therapies include Electrical Stimulation, Herbs, Naturopathic remedies, Homeopathic remedies, Reflexology, Reiki and other forms of energy producing therapies.

With this understanding, we are now seeing incredible speed healing taking place. Some case studies include:

  • A child diagnosed permanently brain damaged and blind, healed in 5 days
  • Cancer patient given 24 hours to live, healed in 5 days
  • Broken bones set in 5 hours and healed in 8
  • Smashed fingers healed in 20 minutes
  • Man sent home to die after 5 heart bypasses has a ‘new’ heart in 2 months

The medical world has its own miraculous stories of healing, using electricity. Unfortunately they are not widely publicized.

Dr Bjorn Nordenstrom has been healing cancer by putting electrical probes into tumors and dissolving them.

In the 1930’s, Dr Royal Raymond Rife was curing cancer and many other diseases with his high frequency generator, the Rife resonator.

Dr Joseph Waltz in New York has had wheelchair bound patients out of their wheelchairs after one treatment of passing an electrical current through their spinal cord.

Pain clinics are using electrical devices to help relieve pain and speed up the healing process.

With Electro-Medicine and Electro-Physiology, broken bones that would have taken 6 months to heal, are now healed completely within 6 weeks.

Even in ancient times (in 43 A.D.), Dr Scribonius Largus used electrical fish to cure pain of gout and migraine headaches.

For the average person at home; a lymphasizer (mini trampoline) has proven to increase the lymphatic flow by up to 30 times. A light fast stroke over an area of pain will generate an electrical current that will move the lymph.

The medical research to STOP all crippling and killer diseases HAS been done. It IS possible to keep your body free from pain and disease for as long as you live. As long as you follow the natural mental, nutritional and physical laws of health; health will be yours.

We now understand why we die in 3 minutes without oxygen. THE PUMPS SWITCH OFF!

According to medical researcher Dr Elisa Bonaventura and Nobel Prize winner Dr Alexis Carrel, “cells are meant to be eternal. They should not die or degenerate if their environment is kept clean, nutritious and chemically balanced.”

In other words; if the human body is kept in a perfect ‘Dry State’, it has the potential for immortality!

With health statistics suggesting that 9.8 in 10 will have a chronic illness before they die; it becomes vital that we share any information that can alter those statistics.

Our very existence depends on it.

For more information please contact, Keith McFarlane (registered Applied Lymphologist) at the Rei-Flexology Healing Academy of South Africa, on 011 682-3584 or email Keith@reboundsa.co.za or visit his website: www.reboundsa.co.za

Email: HealSA
PO Box 213 - Glenvista - 2058 - Gauteng - South Africa